Titration Standards

ASI has created an easy, trustworthy, no-hassle way to find and acquire the standards you need for the definitive testing of acid number, base number, bromine index, and bromine number.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Refiners, Pipeline Companies, Storage Facilities, Testing Labs, Lubricating Oil Producers, Re-refiners.
Accurately determine equivalence point in analyte's concentration
Confidently identify element concentration
Verify concentration of total or dissolved nitrogen content
Verify concentration of total or dissolved sulfur content
Ensure accurate levels of oxidized ammonia and organic nitrogen and soluble nitrate
Ensure accurate monitoring of nutrient pollution
Maintain quality results for standard test method requirements
Increase profits and avoid costly mistakes due to inaccurate results from your assaying equipment
Hydrogen Sulfide and Mercaptan Standards for UOP 163
Bromine Index for ASTM D2710
Bromine Number for ASTM D1159
Total Acid Number for ASTM D664
Base Number for ASTM D2896 and D5984
Nitrogen Bases in Hydrocarbons
UOP 163; ASTM D2710, D1159, D664, D2896, D5984.