Lead Standards in Paint Coatings on Polyester Film

ASI has created an easy, trustworthy, no-hassel way to find and acquire the standards you need for definitive testing of lead in paint.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Handheld XRF analyzer manufacturers
Environmental lead testing companies
Paint manufacturers
Toy manufacturers
Confindently verify total mass per kilogram of lead in product
Accurately identify concentrations of lead in paint by portable x-ray fluorescence
Confirm lead content of enamels, varnishes, electroplating, pigments, and solvents
Ensure your test methods yield accurate results
Verfiy total compliance with regulation requirements per the CSPIA, HUD, or EPA.
Comply with ASTM method F2853
Validate results of your instruments
Maintain high quality trust with your customer
Lead in Alkyd paint cotaing on polyester film with varying concentrations of 0.00, 0.375, 0.75, 2.00, 5.50, 12.00 mg/cm2
QC standards Conc: 0.80 mg/cm2