Calibration Standards for Lead (Pb)

Calibration Standards for Lead (Pb)

Analyzing Lead on materials like toys or household paint? Or checking lead levels on Gasoline and Isooctane? ASI Standards provide certified reference standards for Lead (Pb) analysis.

About Lead Calibration Standards

From approved ASTM standards to custom formulations.

Who are they best for?

Paint Manufacturers
Toy Manufacturers
Storage Facilities

What are the benefits?

Increase Profits and avoid costly mistakes due to inaccurate results from your assaying equipment
Confidently verify total mass per kilogram of lead in product
Confirm lead content of enamels, varnishes, electroplating, pigments, and solvents

Why do i need them?

Ensure your test methods yield accurate results
Verify total compliance with regulation requirments per the CSPIA
Comply with ASTM method F2853
Validate results of your instrument
Maintain high quality trust with your customer

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