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Celebrating Over 30 Years of Innovation in Reference Standards

During a 38-year career with Pennzoil, Dr. Sardisco directed the analytical department of the company’s technology division. Among other achievements, he oversaw the development of Pennzoil’s standards for lube plants and the installation of the X-ray fluorescence spectrometers used to assay products.

Although he was thinking about retirement in the early 1990s, his expertise was still very much in demand. As concerns about the environment and the effect of pollution grew, so did the need for significant changes in the formulation of petroleum products.

Dr. Sardisco filled this need by starting Analytical Services Inc. back in 1993. With a small, but skilled team, they began developing ASI’s first standards out of a small laboratory in Spring, Texas. The first products were sulfur standards that insured matrix uniformity, including synthetic diesel fuel, residual oil, and crude oils. During this period he also formulated non-volatile diesel standards that did not have to be shipped as hazardous materials; plus non-sulfur and non-phosphorous starting reagents to create sulfur and phosphorus free metals standards for XRF analysis.

ASI Standards paved the way for current standards companies with their passion and commitment to unparalleled quality.

Dr. Sardisco

“We specialize in giving you the right tools to verify applications specific to YOUR needs to ensure you have the right standards for the job…every time.”

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