EPA Standards

EPA Standards

ASI has created an easy, trustworthy, no-hassle way to find and acquire the standards you need for EPA and ASTM compliance.

About EPA Standards

Increase profits and avoid costly mistakes due to inaccurate results from your assaying equipment.

Who are they best for?

Diesel Manufacturers
Sulfur Diesel Manufacturers
Marine Diesel Manufacturers
Automobile Manufacturers
Pipeline and Storage Terminals

What are the benefits?

Ensure reliable and consistent product to consumers
Validate sulfur analysis
Assure accurate results backed by NIST traceablility and uncertainty
Ensure quality of analytical measurements for optimal quality

Why do i need them?

Minimize EPA audit risk
Simplify the sample preparation process
Maintain quality results for standards test method requirments (EPA, ASTM, etc.)
Promptly discover contamination

Frequently Asked Questions

  • EPA 80.580 ULSD, 80.47 Tier 3 Gasoline, Part 80 Category 3 ECA Marine Fuel and MARPOL Annex VI
  • ASTM D5453, D2622, D4294, D7039, D7220
Ultraviolet Fluorescence (UVF) or X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Spectrometry
Sulfur standards for EPA ULSD, Sulfur Standards for EPA/ECA MARPOL, Sulfur Standards for EPA Tier 3 Gasoline
Standards should be replaced every year.