To better serve your needs, ASI Standards is proud to offer select consumables and sampling accessories from Chemplex Industries.

Our Consumables Offerings

The unique combination of product innovation, quality, service, technical support and a time proven track record are responsible for the worldwide recognition of Chemplex and preferred choice by leading x-ray instrumentation manufacturers and analysts.

XRF Sample Cups

XRF Sample Cups have been made by Chemplex for over 44 years and they have in excess of over 50 different styles and sizes ranging from 19mm through 47mm. The SpectroSulfur® Analyzer sample cups are specifically engineered for the petrochemical sector for sulfur, chlorine and other element analysis. The TrimLess® Sleeve cups are designed to eliminate trimming extraneous thin-film. Spectrocup® sample cups noted for their internal overflow reservoir that collect excessive liquid samples with the sample cup, and there are many more styles and sizes to explore.
Stackable XRF Sample Cups

Stackable XRF Sample Cups

Stackable XRF Sample Cups pre-assembled with a thin-film of choice are designed to vertically nestle in a protective clear plastic tube. The sample cups are designed to remain a small distance apart to avoid thin-film damage and contamination issues. A dispenser is optionally available to maintain plastic tube verticality, thin-film protection and single unit dispensing as required.

Pre-cut Thin-Film Circles

Pre-cut Thin-Film Circles available in Prolene®, Polypropylene, Mylar® and Kapton® in a variety of gauges in quantities of 500 and 1000 circles interleafed with lint-free tissue carrier frames.

Thin-Film Rolls

Thin-Film Rolls are 3” wide by 300’ long in serrated edged boxes for ease of detaching; available in UltraPolyester®, Etnom®, Prolene®, Polypropylene and Mylar® in various gauges. Pre-perforated Thin-Film Rolls for analysts with preferences for rolls, convenience, ease of dispensing and savings. Simply tear 3” long section at perforation from roll as required; available in Prolene®, Mylar® and Polypropylene in various gauges..
SpectroMembrane® Thin-Film Frames

SpectroMembrane® Thin-Film Frames

SpectroMembrane® Thin-Film Frames easily attach thin-film to all XRF sample cup sizes and automatically detach during assembly. Eliminate annoying static cling, wrinkles and contamination issues; Select Etnom®, Prolene®, Zythene®, Polypropylene, Mylar® and Kapton®.